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Family rooms
Free WI-FI
Boat "Dingi"
Jet Ski

Alice boutique yacht is a brand new yacht launched at the end of 2019 in the Maldives. The length of the hull is 31 meters, 4 decks, 9 cabins.
Plunge into the fascinating world of yacht travel! Alice will give you a stunningly beautiful ocean, the roar of dolphins, the aroma of delicious dishes and selective wine.
The yacht is fully chartered, with a crew. Vacation on ALICE is equally good for those who first arrived in the Maldives, and for those who have already fallen in love with this country. Vacation on ALICE is an opportunity to discover a new facet of the picturesque archipelago every day — to admire its Islands and beaches.

9 Cabins
Dreams (main deck), 34 sq.m

“Dream” cabin is a dream cabin. The cabin is located in the bow of the main deck. From it, through large Windows, you can see the boundless expanses of the sea. It seems that the ship is only yours, and it is you who are driving it across the ocean. The room has a dressing room, a large double bed, an additional sofa, and a TV. Above the bed hangs an exclusive painting, painted specifically for the mood of the cabin.

Happiness (below deck), 37 sq.m

The cabin is located in the bow of the lower deck. It is quite spacious and does not restrict your freedom at all. You can relax comfortably on a double bed with a comfortable mattress or lie down on the sofa to view the photos of the day and post the best of them on Instagram. The author’s painting above the bed gives the cabin a special mood. This is a family cabin with a room for parents and a separate bedroom for children.

Generosity (below deck), 21 sq.m

The stylish “Generosity” cabin seems to emphasize your exclusivity. It is decorated and furnished with taste and attention to detail. The cabin is spacious, it can easily fit two beds, there is a fairly large bathroom. In terms of comfort, the cabin is no different from a room in a boutique hotel.

Meaning (below deck), 21 sq.m

Spacious and thoughtful, the “Meaning” cabin is located on the lower deck on the port side. The cabin has a spacious corner wardrobe, two comfortable beds, and a private bathroom. Where else to find the meaning of life, if not on Board a dazzling yacht in the turquoise ocean, in a stylish cabin.

Fruitfullness (below deck), 16 sq.m

Even if you have made a promise to relax, on the ALICE yacht in the “Fruitfulness” cabin you will be able to define new goals, plan new exploits and find bright ideas. The cabin is located on the lower deck on the starboard side next to the stairs. There is a place for rest and meditation, for reflection and just minutes and hours of enjoying absolute happiness. The cabin has two separate beds and a wardrobe. Has its own bathroom.

Courage (below deck), 21 sq.m

“Courage” is a cozy cabin where you will definitely come to the most daring decision. One thing
to reflect on the fate of the world and yourself in it in the bustle, the eternal race for happiness, another-in the a luxurious cabin, on a snow-white yacht, on the side of which the waves of the Indian ocean lapped. Two separate beds with surprisingly soft linens, a private bathroom and a lot of light with starboard side.

Harmony (upper deck), 13 sq.m

“Harmony” cabin is located on the port side of the upper deck. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail and balanced functionally and emotionally. If you choose this cabin, there is no doubt that you will find harmony. She is here in everything-in soft, delicate linen on the beds, in the elegant decor, in the Desk, in the crisp towels and scented gels in the bathroom.

Inspiration (upper deck), 14,5 sq.m

For inspiration, you should always go to the upper deck. It is here that the wind of freedom meets with the sun’s rays and sea air. We called the “Inspiration” cabin, which is located on the right in the Central part of the upper deck. There is a comfortable double bed, two wardrobes, a separate bathroom. When you open the door to the deck, you will immediately feel what you came to Alice for — inspiration.

Simplicity (upper deck), 15 sq.m

Sometimes the simplest solution is difficult to find. Therefore, the name “Simplicity” is not so simple. In this cabin, the furniture is arranged so that there is a lot of space and air. There is not much furniture, but enough to accommodate everything you need. The cabin has its own bathroom, two wardrobes, a double bed made with fresh soft linen.

Bar and Restaurant
Alice Restaurant

Chef Alice is originally from Thailand. He owns the art of fusion cuisine, which combines the best pan-Asian and international gastronomic traditions. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in Full Board style will add emotions to every day. Only fresh natural products are selected for guests, including local products prepared with great skill. The yacht also has a selection of dishes from the a La Carte menu.

Your trip should be perfect from all sides, including the gastronomic side. In the spacious Alice lounge, a table can be served for up to 20 people, or a lunch or dinner can be arranged on one of the uninhabited Islands. If you adhere to any restrictions in the menu, this will be taken into account: from a gluten-free diet to pescetarianism.

Alice Bar

Alice bar is a place of attraction for Alice guests. The elegant, spacious space is ideal for cocktails in the” Golden hour ” of sunset or drinks in the evening with music in the style of Cafe Del Mar. Try Alice’s signature cocktail or order one of the cocktails-fresh healthy drinks made from local ingredients mixed by our bartender.

Find a lot of interesting things for yourself
Water Sports
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • BBQ
  • Jet Ski
  • Fishing
  • Excursion of Male
  • 2-3 dives per day (except for check-in and 24 hours before departure), including 1 night dive 1 time per week (on this day 1 day dive + night dive), all dives are made from a special equipped diving boat Doni;
  • 1 diving instructor and 1 diving guide;
  • Jet skis and other water activities;
  • Full Board: Breakfast, lunch and dinner (buffet);
  • Water, coffee (Nespresso machine) and tea;
  • Transfers (airport-yacht-airport);
  • Walk in Male (if desired);
  • Snorkeling;
  • Yacht route: Vaavu, Ari and South male atolls (for 7-night Charter);
  • 1 BBQ on the wild beach;
  • 1 cocktail party
  • Use of a 5-meter Distance for rapid movement to the Islands;
  • 15-meter accompanying boat Doni “White Rabbit” with professional diving equipment
    for walking or dinner