Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon

The most popular amenities:
Beach (first line)
Family rooms
Free Wi-Fi
Airport Shuttle

How would you like to reach us? Speeding through the lovely waters or by a sea-plane, taking off from the waters to getting a beautiful aerial view of the country? Let us know, and we’ll arrange for your choice of scenic transport. As we escort you into our haven of peace and quiet, you’ll spot a few fish and corals in the water. When you’re ready to dive in deeper into our house reef, you’ll find manta rays, shark reef fish, octopus and turtles swimming with you. Experience their life at dawn, daytime, dusk and you’ll be surprised at how different but spellbinding each time is. While nature keeps entertaining you here, please give us a chance to treat you to everything else we’ve got to offer. Try the delectable food at the lover’s deck, or a spa treatment that’ll calm your senses to a level that you’ll only want to sleep post that. We wish for you to capture every pleasant feeling from here, and keep it with yourself forever.

A large number of villas
14 Standard Rooms (35 sq.m)

When you come to Ellaidhoo to see its mind-boggling underwater beauty, you also end up tiring yourself out. And so, our Standard Rooms come with just enough to make sure you feel rejuvenated enough for back to back dives.

28 Superior Rooms (52 sq.m)

Here’s a space meant for a family looking at bonding over adventure. The openness of the room will come to you as a pleasant surprise. Space enough to accommodate two adults and two children, with an open veranda overlooking the beach and sun loungers for that much needed downtime – all of this, for all of you. . What’s not to like?

46 Beach Bungalows (38 sq.m)

While all the underwater beauty stuns you to a level that it expands your horizon, you might just want to check how mesmerizingly calm it is on the surface. And the best place to enjoy that view could be the veranda of our beach bungalow. It sits by a little beach area that meets the sea just a few steps away. Find punctuated peace and quietude here.

24 Water Bungalows (79 sq.m)

Watch a beautiful orange sunset over the turquoise and deep blue waters, while lounging in the sun bed of your private deck. Our Water Bungalow has been designed to give you an uninterrupted view and a spellbinding experience of all the marine magic around. Walk in, and the glass-bottomed entrance will leave you enthralled. As you go further in, the majestic views of the calm ocean will fill your heart with infinite pleasure. Savour this spectacle with a sunset high-tea and take away wonderful moments to cherish forever.

Various bars and restaurants
Madi Restaurant

Our biggest dining venue at Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon, Madi’s sandy floors keep you connected to the island while your taste buds travel the world. Great continental buffet style meals are served at breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is probably why it’s constantly crowded with guests helping themselves to seconds and even thirds! Madi is a firm favourite with everyone on the island, because its giant roof provides shelter from tropical storms and hot island days. At Madi, our diners use their mealtimes as a perfect break from their busy days outdoors.

Malamathi Restaurant & Bar

Ellaidhoo is a celebrated resort in the Maldives islands for many reasons including the combination of an enchanting atmosphere with great taste. This is especially true of Malamathi Restaurant & Bar. Incidentally, Malamathi refers to the horizon at sunset – possibly due to its location being the perfect vantage point to view the sun go down to meet the horizon each evening.

The restaurant and bar are located close to the water bungalows for the convenience of our guests. A great buffet, great cocktails and multiple action stations, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We also serve select a-la-carte dishes at this exclusive semi-open venue that spreads out into the pool deck for a spacious outdoor atmosphere.

EYZ Lounge & Bar

We all know what a tropical storm can do to an island; while it’s a spectacular sight to witness, we bet you don’t want to do it getting drenched. And just because it rains, it doesn’t mean all the fun must end. This is why our spacious, thatched-roof Sand Bar lets you dig your toes into the sand while you throw back some heady cocktails and continue with all the fun you were having on the island. We’re firm believers in the notion that rain or shine, the magic must continue!

Iruohsnee Bar

Our island survives in harmony with the marine life around us and nowhere is this more evident than at the Iruohsnee Bar. Located on the main decks of Ellaidhoo, this is a favourite hangout at any time of the day and night. Our staff will remember you by name and look forward to meeting and serving you here each day.

We also offer great evening entertainment from DJs to classic rock bands and traditional Maldivian performances making Iruohsnee a firm favourite on any day of the week.

Find a lot of interesting things for yourself

Your heart and soul might never get enough of the beautiful dives by our house reef, but your body might. That’s why after all the activity, you should submit yourself to a therapeutic full body massage or spa treatment at Chavana Spa.

Diving And Snorkelling

Discover the mind-boggling beauty that lies underwater and get hooked on to the experience for life. Once you spend time down there with corals, manta rays, baby sharks, turtles and fish, you will only want more of it. The experience grows on you, giving you goose bumps every time you dive in.

Dolphin – Watching

One of the most stunning views in the Maldivian waters is of dolphin pods diving together. Their smooth grey bodies dipping into the turquoise and deep blue waters, makes for a beautiful sight.

Big – Game Fishing

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, but isn’t it fun when you catch the best? More so, when it gets served as your lunch or dinner? Sail in a traditional Maldivian boat, a ‘dhoni’ and fish for the freshest catch of the day, using a fishing rod attached with an artificial bait or ‘rapela’. The thrill of making a successful catch is accompanied with the mesmerising canvas that the sunrise and the sunset at the Maldives paint.

Sand Bank Picnic

While the blue waters around our hotel make for a visual treat and the clean sand surrounding it makes for a perfect picnic spot for the family. So, put on those sunglasses, that hat and some sunscreen and we’ll arrange a fun afternoon for you with your loved ones.

Wedding Ceremony

Sand between your toes, sun shining over your head, hand-in-hand with the love of your life – sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Live every moment of this amazing new start to it’s fullest, in the most carefree atmosphere at Ellaidhoo by Cinnamon Maldives.