Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives

The most popular amenities:
Beach (first line)
Family rooms
Free Wi-Fi
Airport Shuttle

As you sail your way through the deep blue and turquoise waters, you’ll be wondering if it gets any more scenic than it already looks. And you’ll be surprised to find out, but the water specifically around does, has a mesmerising effect on the eyes. When you get off board and look around, you’ll find the water making a consistently dancing pattern. Blink a few times in awe, and it still stays the same. When you go to surf later, the water’s going to play another character that all fun. The waves around Dhonveli are known to be a surfer’s best friend, pushing them just enough to live a little more. Once you’ve developed an appetite after being in the water for so long, you might what to relax at our bar, and later have our most called for seafood platter. If you choose to have a romantic date night set up, right by the beach, let us know. We promise you an unforgettable experience.

A large number of villas
20 Garden Bungalows (55 sq.m)

Our Garden Bungalows are a hop, skip and jump away from the surfing point. That’s exactly the reason why most surfers choose to stay in these bungalows and end up bonding with each other, sharing their sea adventures. The balconies and verandas turn into the spot where you sit and look at the group of other surfers in action, just on the rare occasion, when you to take a break from it.

28 Superior Rooms (59 sq.m)

Our Superior Rooms are spacious enough to accommodate a family of three. This room, facing the ocean is replete with sun loungers for when you wish to sit back and just enjoy the company of your family.

32 Beach Bungalows (59 sq.m)

Revel in the company of those whose love for you is as boundless as the ocean. Sit back and catch up with your family while absorbing the tranquil atmosphere and picturesque views from our Beach Bungalow. It easily accommodates a family of four, and makes enough room for each member to bask in comfort. So, come off on a holiday and take back a sea of beautiful memories.

36 Water Bungalows (63 sq.m)

Standing on stilts, in the lovely waters of the Maldives, our Water Bungalows are what every dream holiday is made of – a little ladder that goes right into the shallow blue waters so you can take a little dip, a sun deck for you to stylishly lounge on and get the fun island tan, and rejuvenate after a mind-boggling day out in the water.

24 Over Water Suites (95 sq.m)

our overwater suite. From the minute you take the pathway leading to the suite, you’ll start realising what a special stay lays ahead. The living area has a little glass patch as flooring that gives a lovely view of the rippling pattern that the water under the suite makes. Get out into the balcony that overlooks the crystal clear turquoise waters and lie on the sun bed and relax. Lounge around, sink in bed and just savour the beautiful sunsets with a glass of wine with your most treasured company for life.

Various bars and restaurants
Koimala Restaurant

Named after one of our late queens, Koimala, our buffet restaurant serves a regal spread indoors and on the beach. The thatched-roof venue serves an international and local spread that pleases a diverse palate. Note: Koimala Restaurant is exclusively available for guests of the Garden Bungalows, Superior Rooms and Beach Bungalows

Raiyvilla Bar

Here’s where you can sit and watch the sunset over the horizon, as it creates a beautiful medley of colours in the sky. Add to it, the sounds of the ocean, a cup of coffee, a hot snack and a candid conversation with your better half – and there, you have the perfect evening!

Raalhu Bar

This is where the most experienced surfers take a break after a great day in the sea. It provides the best views of Pasta Point’s giant left-handed waves and the surfers riding them back to shore. The relaxed vibe and the finger food make it a perfect place for surfers to hang out together.

Rehendhi Restaurant & Bar

Reserved exclusively for our overwater suite guests, Rehendhi serves a hedonistic spread of international cuisines. To match the fine tastes of the guests, our bar and cellar stocks a select range wines and spirits too.

Find a lot of interesting things for yourself

The Chaavana Spa at Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives is where every nerve and muscle that has been worn out because of all the surfing, gets relieved. Not only that, our Balinese experts make sure you feel rejuvenated enough to surf right after.


Scuba diving is a very popular water activity here, because the island is located close to many world famous dive sites, such as HP Reef, Banana Reef, or Nassimo Thila. We can transport you at any time of day by the customized Maldivian-style Dhonito 25 different sites.

Dive safety is the primary concern; therefore MERIDIS use only the most modern Bauer compressors with Pure Air Certification, as well as Nitrox facilities.

The Dive Centre also offers the opportunity to undertake the complete range of PADI courses from Open Water Diver through Dive master, including many PADI Specialties such as Enriched Air Nitrox, Underwater Photographer, and Wreck Diver.

Snorkelers, and anyone interested in trying scuba diving will enjoy their first time under water by experiencing the fascination of diving with our “Discover Scuba Diving” introductory course; taught by Internationally-certified PADI Instructors in a wide variety of languages.

Dolphin – Watching

One of the most stunning views in the Maldivian waters is of dolphin pods diving together. Their smooth grey bodies dipping into the turquoise and deep blue waters, makes for a beautiful sight.

Big Game Fishing

There will be plenty of fish in our sea. But the challenge is to catch the big one. So spend some time honing your skills, hope for some good luck and compete with your loved one. The one who gets the bigger fish gets to choose how it’s prepared. Sounds fun, right?

Sunset Fishing

How often do you spend time with your loved ones, doing little things you love – like, catching a sunset or going fishing? Well, here’s your chance to do both. Cast a good line and gather some fish for a fun dinner, while the setting sun makes for a warm ambience.

Hop On A Submarine

How about experiencing the underwater life without getting wet? Sounds interesting? Hop on to a submarine, we say!

Turtle Pand Manta Snorkelling

Isn’t it exciting to think of swimming with giant turtles and manta rays? Trust us, the experience is worth every excited breath. Watching different kinds of sea turtles, observing their backs and seeing humongous manta rays flap around the sea, right above you, could get quite overwhelming.